FuNctioNal MediciNe

for Optimal Athletic Performance.

Optimizing your health and life for your best performance.
Injuries for an athlete can mean losing a race and losing time. Reduce risk of injury.
Illnesses that come from a body that’s run down can be chronic and take months to years to undo once they’ve begun. Prevention is key – keep the body running on all cylinders and make sure to catch the warning signs of exhaustion before they become an issue.
Dive deeper into sports performance and optimization by getting individualized nutrition plans that track your specific needs. With quarterly labs that track vitamin/mineral levels, amino acid profiles, fatty acid profiles, and liver, GI and mitochondrial health you get a much more in depth look at your health and performance.

Optimize sleep and impact of stress.

what is FuNctioNal MediciNe for athletic performance

I help athletes go beyond nutrition by tracking nutrient markers and improving the function of all the vital systems in the body. It’s not just about performance. It’s about the whole body and it’s about the deeper roots that lead to not only better performance but also a healthy life – on and off the court.


Meet Dr.Kirstin Lauritzen, DC MS

I’m a Chiropractor and I have my Masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I’m also an athlete. I’ve been in this world for a long time and I have become more and more disappointed with the coaching and information for athletes on nutrition and health. My mission is to help athletes get real results with their performance by using labs and testing to be as specific as possible with their nutrition.

I work with athletes and active individuals who are pushing the limits on their performance and athletes who need to remove limiting health factors that are holding them back from accomplishing their goals.

I already work on my macros, why are you any different?

Working on just macros is only part of the full picture of fueling and nutrition for sports performance. Knowing how to fuel for your workouts and on game/race day is one piece. Working on your nutrition is tracking and watching micronutrients and making sure you maintain optimal levels – something that can be difficult for athletes to achieve. Also, tracking detoxification, oxidative stress, GI function and hormone metabolites helps ultimately lead to a much lower risk of injury and illness through grueling training and competition seasons.


“Last year I missed a lot of training and workouts due to the cold and seasonal flu. Since working with Dr K I’ve been sick less this year than ever, which has allowed me to take full advantage of my training. Dr K also helped me overcome neck and shoulder pain that was preventing me from competing”


“After meeting with Dr. K, she encouraged that I try out an anti-candida food plan for 30 days, along with some supplements. I followed this plan strictly and starting seeing improvements in my energy levels, digestion and overall wellbeing. In addition to how I was feeling, I was also able to lose a few extra pounds, much of which was likely inflammation. I had my thyroid levels checked recently and my doctor actually had to lower my dosage as my thyroid was functioning better than it had been.”


“I went to Dr. K in hopes of identifying the root cause of my GI distress, abnormal gynecological symptoms, and difficulty sleeping. After reviewing my comprehensive lab work up, Dr. K was able to make recommendations for dietary changes, supplementation, and self care practices I could implement into my daily routine. I am happy to report, I feel better physically and mentally than I have in years. Thank you Dr. K!”

S. Magnuson

“I would say, if you are on the fence, you have probably tried A LOT of other things over the last several years that haven't worked. Those things take a lot of time, money and emotional energy. It is much more efficient and cost effective to commit to Dr. K and have her to help guide you through the science of what is going on to come to a solution that will provide the best health outcomes for you in the long term.”




Specific labs checked quarterly to track and monitor health and any changes that come up through out intense training and competition seasons


1 hour visits monthly with Dr K (in person or over video conference if needed) and weekly check ins as needed on sleep, stress levels, training, nutrition, mindset


Know when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat during training season. Dial in your race day nutrition plan. Avoid overall health issues as well as GI upset and GI issues from poor nutrition



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